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These are the user uploaded subtitles that are being translated: 0:00:25.423,0:00:30.960 [Music] oh [Music] 0:00:41.640,0:00:46.719 and this constitutes my final La 0:00:46.720,0:00:50.899 [Music] 0:00:50.900,0:00:58.900 sign Moonlighting wi they tell you those light their goal is 0:00:59.640,0:01:06.759 just to entice they take you in you go for a sin you wake up your 0:01:06.760,0:01:12.759 money I'm a married 0:01:12.760,0:01:18.279 woman bring that 0:01:18.280,0:01:26.280 back was it worth it to break up my heart Moonlighting wi they tell you goodbye they 0:01:35.280,0:01:43.280 fill your heart with despair so let them go husbands be wise they might be Moonlighting 0:01:44.200,0:01:52.200 wise lighting w [Music] 0:02:05.560,0:02:13.560 bills we're over our heads in bills joany you've got to quit spending money the way you have been 0:02:13.880,0:02:21.880 I earned $30 yesterday besides pretty soon my secretarial service is going to stop paying off 0:02:22.080,0:02:29.399 and I also earned $75 last week mhm and you spent almost that much on the babysitter businesses cost 0:02:29.400,0:02:36.119 that much especially when I B I'd rather you stay at home and take care of Eric and take it easy on 0:02:36.120,0:02:44.120 the charge accounts huh I'll see you I got to go to [Music] work and uh contrary to your letter 0:03:00.560,0:03:07.159 of May 6th we find that our client did not sign the release papers which you forced upon him uh 0:03:07.160,0:03:15.160 sincerely [Music] Etc yes uh would you would you read that bit back to me please Mrs Rand 0:03:30.200,0:03:34.599 dear counselor I was very much surprised and distressed to receive a letter directly from 0:03:34.600,0:03:40.879 your client in which he explained the terms you had settled out cour of a lawsuit pending between 0:03:40.880,0:03:44.759 Taylor I wonder if you'd see if these fors are mailed today the addresses are attached 0:03:44.760,0:03:52.760 to [Music] them I cigarette uh no thank you Mr Jones I just put one out our client did 0:04:05.320,0:04:13.199 not sign the release papers that you forced upon Him sincerely Earl Baker oh yeah yes well that's 0:04:13.200,0:04:20.839 uh that's just fine Mr Right Next look why don't you take it easy you're driving me into 0:04:20.840,0:04:25.879 the ground we've been working hammer and Tong since noon we must have been pretty far behind 0:04:25.880,0:04:31.519 well we were but we're uh caught up now thanks to you that's what you hired my stenographic 0:04:31.520,0:04:36.239 service for see honestly tell me seriously can you really make any money hiring yourself and a 0:04:36.240,0:04:44.240 couple of girls out like this yeah not a fortune yet I'm only just beginning now I've only a few 0:04:44.360,0:04:51.679 girls but I have High Hopes bet there are a lot more outfits like yours that could use my 0:04:51.680,0:04:59.640 service now if I can get them as clients and hire more girls you are a smart girl thanks 0:05:11.440,0:05:12.440 [Music] 0:05:12.441,0:05:16.319 are we finished for the night look don't be so damn professional why 0:05:16.320,0:05:19.559 don't you loosen up and stay with me for a few minutes it's been a hard 0:05:19.560,0:05:27.560 day got the time look don't worry I'll uh take care of your sitting with me time [Music] 0:05:42.400,0:05:43.679 I wonder what those two are doing 0:05:43.680,0:05:51.680 inside hey this is a real swinging joint isn't it yeah but I'm as jittery as an Airborne clay 0:05:53.280,0:05:57.759 pigeon the boys said they'd be right back where'd they go to the motel right behind 0:05:57.760,0:06:05.279 this place to arrange for are rooms rooms how do you know baby I just know this place seems 0:06:05.280,0:06:13.280 clean enough yeah maybe do you think anyone will see us here MSY we're not doing anything 0:06:14.200,0:06:19.159 wrong we're sitting here after having supper and we're a good 15 miles from 0:06:19.160,0:06:27.160 font Haven but what happens if someone knows us and drops [Music] in there's a trim looking gal 0:06:39.040,0:06:40.040 [Music] 0:06:40.041,0:06:43.079 don't panic but there's a girl from Fond Haven now 0:06:43.080,0:06:48.119 oh no Nancy Preston I don't know her I've just seen her 0:06:48.120,0:06:56.120 around is that her husband with her oh I love you no that's not her husband I 0:06:58.000,0:07:03.279 don't know who that guy is I know who he is I just didn't know whether or not he 0:07:03.280,0:07:10.399 was her husband I do know he's the golf pro at the Country Club sure like to get to know 0:07:10.400,0:07:18.400 him why business reasons thank you for what for this for making time for me and for being 0:07:23.280,0:07:30.399 so patient when I when I can't get out oh we both have obligations yes but you can always 0:07:30.400,0:07:37.159 get out Lou watches me like a hawk I'm just curious how are you able to stay out all night 0:07:37.160,0:07:45.160 tonight he thinks that I'm out of is if and when he does call she'll cover for me think 0:07:49.280,0:07:53.719 it's safe I mean let's not be stupid about it I've got four kids to think 0:07:53.720,0:07:59.440 about it's safe out 0:08:01.240,0:08:08.599 I know I'm sorry I suppose she's a Shady Lady Too H Ken oh she's as fresh as the 0:08:08.600,0:08:15.839 morning in May you remember one thing Hank today's call girl doesn't wear a sign on her 0:08:15.840,0:08:22.639 neck hi girls look uh we've got an early day tomorrow so we decided to uh check some rooms 0:08:22.640,0:08:29.440 out for this evening why don't uh we have a little night Camp huh don't see why not 0:08:36.680,0:08:37.680 [Music] 0:08:37.681,0:08:39.399 take those two girls that just went out with those 0:08:39.400,0:08:47.400 men Housewives out with their husbands could be but they could be um play for pay girls 0:08:52.880,0:08:59.440 and I suppose their escorts were pushes ah Ken you've been a Vice Cop too long 0:09:00.800,0:09:08.800 yeah I guess we do get dirty mines after a Time 0:09:34.320,0:09:35.320 [Music] 0:09:35.321,0:09:43.321 Mr R I didn't expect you back from work Joan my wife is she in yet she called she 0:09:46.120,0:09:51.199 said they'd be working almost all night I agreed to stay so I'm sleeping in the 0:09:51.200,0:09:59.200 guest [Music] room would you rather I go home no laa just just stay the 0:10:03.000,0:10:11.000 [Music] night f come on now you got to go so soon you forget I have a husband I must answer 0:10:33.640,0:10:38.599 to you know it's uh been a wonderful 0:10:38.600,0:10:46.600 evening how much do I uh owe the ran stenographic sus let's see 15 hours for both of us at $5 an 0:10:53.680,0:10:59.399 hour a piece well that makes 150 bucks and you agree to pay for the extra babysitting 0:10:59.400,0:11:07.400 for both of us okay 180 will that cover it guess so how about a little bonus for you 0:11:08.840,0:11:14.879 and your girlfriend uh 20 bucks how does that sound good thank 0:11:14.880,0:11:22.880 you do you have to be so smart 0:11:29.400,0:11:35.839 I must admit I'm only alive when I'm with [Music] 0:11:35.840,0:11:43.840 you let's go for a swim [Music] 0:12:13.360,0:12:21.360 come on get your clothes we got to go what time is it after 3 Leo skin Al 0:12:35.200,0:12:43.200 $65 for me 0:12:59.120,0:13:00.109 [Music] 0:13:00.110,0:13:08.110 [Music] it would be nuts enough to swim at this time of night 0:13:31.600,0:13:32.600 [Music] 0:13:32.601,0:13:40.039 what's on your mind you liked earning that money tonight you bet the salute to 0:13:40.040,0:13:45.999 Lifesaver well an evil th has been 0:13:46.000,0:13:53.479 brewing there'll be plenty more where they came from you won't hear any objections from 0:13:53.480,0:14:01.480 me are those two and there part of your evil boss could be he is the 0:14:05.040,0:14:13.040 golf pro the country club and at the country club is real money [Music] 0:14:33.840,0:14:36.279 Charles you didn't go to work tonight I went to 0:14:36.280,0:14:39.919 work decided to come home why I was worried about my 0:14:39.920,0:14:47.920 son Eric he had Lorna with him big deal she's an 18-year-old kid she's very mature yeah but 0:14:52.800,0:14:58.719 you can't expect her to be responsible for a child for 20 straight hours I called and told 0:14:58.720,0:15:03.479 her I had had to stay on work she said it was all right was all right with her but not with 0:15:03.480,0:15:11.480 me what's wrong with you I don't know maybe I feel like being the bread winner bread winner 0:15:15.520,0:15:21.959 you call what you do breadwinning ever since Eric was born we haven't been able to make's meet I 0:15:21.960,0:15:28.960 bring home a steady check I do the best I can well that's not good enough not for me not for my kid 0:15:32.840,0:15:37.919 Charles be reasonable the salary of a Night Shift expeditor in a sweat shop 0:15:37.920,0:15:44.039 just isn't enough I'm the head expediter and heartley Mills is not a sweat shop 0:15:44.040,0:15:51.439 it's a well-run good paying plant with lots of benefits yeah lots of benefits no 0:15:51.440,0:15:59.440 money anyway not enough money for what I want out of life you better get used to the fact that I'm 0:16:01.640,0:16:07.999 in business I intend to be able to earn enough to afford to give Eric some advantages oh it's 0:16:08.000,0:16:16.000 all for Eric huh no it's not all for Eric I want lots of things I want a new car shiny sports car 0:16:18.760,0:16:26.760 all of my own what's wrong with a station wagon drives like a truck it's ordinary besides it's 3 0:16:26.920,0:16:34.239 years old and I want want a mink scarf oh why not a mink coat that'll come later and before 0:16:34.240,0:16:41.079 I'm finished we'll have us memberships of the country club The Country Club what for neither 0:16:41.080,0:16:47.639 of us can play golf so what you don't join the country club for golf We join it for business 0:16:47.640,0:16:54.599 contexts the place is full of influential people you mean it's full of snobs Joanie they're not our 0:16:54.600,0:17:00.559 kind what do you mean they're not our kind people like Clifton Harley belonged to the 0:17:00.560,0:17:08.560 club so your boss belongs does that mean to say we can't I just feel out 0:17:09.720,0:17:16.439 of place well I wouldn't I've seen Artemus heartley a clothes horse did 0:17:16.440,0:17:22.119 you ever hear that phony finishing school accent Charles you may not 0:17:22.120,0:17:28.840 think you're as good as Clifton Hartley well I'm as good as Mrs Clifton Hartley 0:17:33.120,0:17:36.719 Louise is having her folks over for supper and if I don't show up she'll think I don't want to have 0:17:36.720,0:17:41.759 anything to do with those old cajes oh you're laughing seriously we've been out this for 3 0:17:41.760,0:17:46.439 months why don't we let up because that's the way the commissioner wants it well we've driven 0:17:46.440,0:17:51.239 a hookers off the street yeah we've driven them off the streets and behind doors of the procurers 0:17:51.240,0:17:59.159 or even worse scum look I'm not after the independent I want the organized ones organized 0:17:59.160,0:18:07.160 organized here right here in in this yes a I can't believe [Music] that 0:18:08.880,0:18:15.599 Tina how would you like to make a few chunks of money I mean money that will 0:18:15.600,0:18:21.399 wouldn't know about money that you could do anything you want with are you kidding 0:18:21.400,0:18:28.760 I'd give anything how would you like to make $40 today what would I have to do 0:18:30.920,0:18:38.920 be a willing companion to an attractive [Music] man no I couldn't I'm 0:18:40.800,0:18:48.800 sorry $40 and more where that came from if in the future you decide oh I wouldn't 0:18:50.080,0:18:56.039 want it as a steady diet I sure could use some money right now cash on the barrel head right 0:18:56.040,0:19:04.040 after you finish tonight good you know I'm really in trouble joury I had a sure thing 0:19:04.520,0:19:11.239 last week I put a everyon I could lay my hands [Music] on that nag is still 0:19:11.240,0:19:15.359 running how late would I 0:19:15.360,0:19:23.360 be 10 10:30 that late h g willward not for doing a legitimate job like this one why sure 0:19:29.240,0:19:36.159 you'd be doing stenographic work for me know anything about office work I worked as a fire 0:19:36.160,0:19:41.399 clerk once and as far as anyone's concerned you're a file clerk tonight I started a 0:19:41.400,0:19:46.479 stenographic business a few weeks ago it is very rapidly grown into being something much 0:19:46.480,0:19:54.480 more than a stenographic service quite a bit more understand I understand what about my kids 0:19:58.840,0:20:06.359 oh I'll pay the babysitting fee on top of the 40 on top of the 40 good I'll have to 0:20:06.360,0:20:14.360 make some arrangements um what time would I have to be there I won't need you before two 0:20:15.600,0:20:23.600 here meet me at this address in the bar and dress as you would if you were going 0:20:24.880,0:20:31.239 to work only wear your best andies h and if you have a girlfriend who could 0:20:31.240,0:20:38.119 use some extra [Music] money I have a girlfriend who lives over in the hdel 0:20:38.120,0:20:46.120 development I know she's really up against it I can't say for sure but I'll give her a call 0:21:04.760,0:21:12.679 hello oh hi Tina hey I got something hot in the fifth today gee I wish we had some loot that's 0:21:12.680,0:21:18.679 what I wanted to talk to you about listen we both need money right I have a friend here 0:21:18.680,0:21:26.239 right now who can change all that why don't you hurry over here and talk to her yourself 0:21:26.240,0:21:32.679 so who cares if he got curls you want to make 40 bucks don't you 40 bucks gee I do anything 0:21:32.680,0:21:39.639 for 40 bucks but what do I have to do for it just hurry on over here and we'll tell you all about 0:21:39.640,0:21:47.640 it don't worry she'll go along another 0:22:15.800,0:22:16.800 [Music] 0:22:16.801,0:22:17.999 I admire a man who can 0:22:18.000,0:22:24.479 drink can I buy you one sure hey you've had enough 0:22:24.480,0:22:28.520 to drink for now I don't want alcohol to Lous up this deal 0:22:30.720,0:22:38.720 now I don't know you too well so you shouldn't be offended if I ask you wouldn't have any misgivings 0:22:38.880,0:22:46.880 would you for $40 I can't afford any misgivings and if I do get any I promise you he won't [Music] 0:22:49.980,0:22:57.980 know Joan this is Barbara the girl I was telling you about hello Barbara 0:22:58.760,0:23:06.760 hi now girls you all understand about the operation well I'll go over it again I don't 0:23:07.600,0:23:13.399 think that's necessary good but if any of you feel this is going to upset you or damage your 0:23:13.400,0:23:19.359 domestic situations I'd rather you say so now and just walk away you look as though 0:23:19.360,0:23:26.759 you have doubts well I've never done anything like this before neither of any of the other 0:23:26.760,0:23:31.919 girls I'm sure and that's why this operation is going to be a success and why we're going 0:23:31.920,0:23:39.920 to make money if you have any doubts just don't do it I have no doubts anybody [Music] else now 0:23:44.120,0:23:52.120 here is a key to a room for each of you use it when when your instinct tells you [Music] 0:24:01.880,0:24:08.199 right now sweet 36 is open it's well stocked with food and booze go there and get yourselves in a 0:24:08.200,0:24:14.919 mood to welcome the boys and when they arrive just begin the party and let your conscience be 0:24:14.920,0:24:22.479 your guide if your conscience says no do whatever your conscience says no to now go I'll be along 0:24:22.480,0:24:30.480 [Music] directly MSY baby I'm relying on you try and liven those girls up a bit will 0:24:32.320,0:24:37.759 you and uh see to they don't drink too much that's before the boys make an appearance I 0:24:37.760,0:24:45.760 mean can't have any drunken scenes now take care of things until I get there 0:24:58.320,0:25:03.419 [Music] 0:25:03.420,0:25:08.519 [Music] 0:25:08.520,0:25:14.119 pretty smooth operation you got going that's the way I planed and 0:25:14.120,0:25:18.519 the more you'll play along with it the better you'll do here's a 0:25:18.520,0:25:22.439 [Music] 0:25:22.440,0:25:29.320 sample rent and Catering [Music] 0:25:34.840,0:25:42.840 oh way I like it right on the barrel head and that's the way it's always going to be 0:25:43.480,0:25:51.480 I'll need a receipt entertainment deduction just to keep Uncle Sam happy at tax [Music] 0:25:51.720,0:25:59.720 time name girls my biggest problem of the [Music] but I can't use professionals pretty 0:26:04.960,0:26:12.759 young housewives fitting better with my plan Housewives who can use pin money if 0:26:12.760,0:26:20.439 I Supply you with acceptable girls uh what it be in it for me 20% of what they earn I 0:26:20.440,0:26:28.439 pay the commission they must be pretty and uh clean looking if they are we got to a 0:26:28.440,0:26:36.440 deal well got to [Applause] [Music] go I don't leave have one more drink with me 0:26:45.160,0:26:53.160 I've got to go honey I'd like somebody with a car to drive me home I'd have a 0:26:53.760,0:27:01.760 drink there with whoever takes me let have one more here then I'll take you home another time 0:27:03.520,0:27:11.520 [Music] 0:27:14.820,0:27:22.820 honey you said you like surprises you might say she's one of my little surprises [Music] 0:28:02.794,0:28:07.467 [Music] 0:28:07.468,0:28:12.140 [Music] 0:28:12.141,0:28:20.141 [Music] [Applause] 0:28:24.160,0:28:32.160 got hand it to you you sure know how to uh ENT detain now I've got four happy clients 0:28:35.440,0:28:43.440 good then maybe I've got one heavy client what I hope that will recommend me a [Music] little you 0:28:47.040,0:28:55.040 can rely on it I'm glad now I've courage to kick down the country club doors getting Ry eh uh-huh 0:28:59.280,0:29:07.280 all I have to do is see a girl I know about a Masher or is it MH it is a mashy Mrs 0:29:08.440,0:29:16.440 Rand you can see how little I know about the game Mrs Rand I'm sure you didn't come here to discuss 0:29:17.880,0:29:24.199 golf with me I know very little more than you I'm certain yes but I'm told you know someone who can 0:29:24.200,0:29:32.200 teach me I do yes you know the golf at the Country Club Alfred Jordan I uh I know Alfred Jordan only 0:29:34.680,0:29:42.680 very slightly oh and I seen you with him so often at some little bar across the county I think it's 0:29:45.160,0:29:53.160 called the place and there's an indoor pool very near there yes I've seen an awful lot of both of 0:29:56.080,0:30:04.080 you at that pool yeah an awful lot please stop the cat mousing what do you want from me you're 0:30:06.000,0:30:13.879 Mr Jordan I thought you just might introduce me now Mrs Rand we'll introduce you to the 0:30:13.880,0:30:21.880 driver first get a comfortable stance loosen up grip the handle 0:30:22.920,0:30:27.960 in the interlock grip I demonstrated to you 0:30:44.520,0:30:49.039 now then this time keep your left arm 0:30:49.040,0:30:57.040 straight pivot on the balls of your feet on the back swing on the left foot 0:30:59.560,0:31:06.119 and on the right foot on the follow through and your hips yes you swing 0:31:06.120,0:31:10.879 them to give oomph to your mov now then go through with my hands on your 0:31:10.880,0:31:18.880 [Music] hips how was that [Music] 0:31:24.600,0:31:32.600 beautiful I must talk to you alone let's try it again I mean the whole thing I have a proposition 0:31:36.080,0:31:44.080 for you proposition yes a proposition only when we get a little more privacy I sell a service a 0:31:45.840,0:31:53.840 stenographic service a stenographic service uhhuh only my stenographic service goes far beyond the 0:31:54.560,0:32:02.239 usual stenographic service my stenographers are very unusual young women they take care of the 0:32:02.240,0:32:10.240 client's every need I see how do I fit in let me rephrase that question how well do I make out you 0:32:12.480,0:32:18.479 make out very well on any jobs you bring in we split the proceeds after the girls get theirs and 0:32:18.480,0:32:25.719 the expenses are paid would be partners on any accounts you bring in sounds good but I've got 0:32:25.720,0:32:31.199 to warn you I'm a terrible salesman leave the selling to me I want you to begin opening the 0:32:31.200,0:32:38.319 doors of the country club it's the concentration of distinguished businessmen that should be no 0:32:38.320,0:32:45.279 problem for me got an inside track with most of them that's why you're here tonight for a while 0:32:45.280,0:32:53.280 I thought it was my irresistible charm anyway the club is a fertile Market a very rich market for 0:32:53.920,0:33:01.920 my service you mean for our service [Music] tell me about Clifton harling how can you even think 0:33:05.120,0:33:13.120 of another man while I'm around know one thing baby I'm always thinking business always yeah but 0:33:15.760,0:33:23.760 we're going to be partners and I guarantee you're going to be the happiest partner around [Music] 0:33:38.120,0:33:42.799 what' you like most about her what I said what do you like most about 0:33:42.800,0:33:50.800 her what who Nancy Preston oh well she's kind of cooky and she's not 0:33:52.360,0:33:57.839 predictable but she always comes up with 0:33:57.840,0:34:03.799 surprises you like surprises yeah I like surprises glad to hear 0:34:03.800,0:34:11.800 it where did she come [Music] 0:34:13.720,0:34:21.720 from you said you like surprises you might say she's one of my little surprises [Music] 0:34:56.320,0:34:57.639 a 0:34:57.640,0:35:05.640 [Music] 0:35:09.280,0:35:17.280 [Music] 0:35:20.920,0:35:28.920 can't [Music] sleep what's wrong with you I guess I don't feel well if you're not too 0:35:31.120,0:35:35.999 sick you're too tired when you're not too tired you read all night well let me tell 0:35:36.000,0:35:41.679 you this don't ever let me find out you're playing around don't ever let me find that 0:35:41.680,0:35:49.680 out Charlie aren't you going to go to work tonight night you know you've been taking off so many 0:36:00.520,0:36:07.919 nights you likely get fired I'm not worried I've got an independent source of income my 0:36:07.920,0:36:15.920 wife okay [Music] [Applause] Charlie yep about 8 months we covered every big Port 0:36:25.640,0:36:33.640 from Africa to Asia saved a little money I think H yeah [Music] [Applause] [Music] 0:37:06.480,0:37:14.439 I'd like you to take me home nothing sleazy about this deal all very antiseptic you just call this 0:37:14.440,0:37:21.279 number anytime day or night and we'll send your stenographer that's our on the spot service then 0:37:21.280,0:37:27.519 we have our Deluxe plan I'm sure many groups of men use your hotel for get togethers meet 0:37:27.520,0:37:33.719 meetings reunions conventions and I'm also sure these men might like our stenographers if you 0:37:33.720,0:37:38.439 subscribe to our service we'll Supply you with a catalog of photos of the girls available in your 0:37:38.440,0:37:44.519 area you have areas yes we prefer that our girls travel we don't like them to work in areas where 0:37:44.520,0:37:50.919 they regularly perform their services so each catalog for each area is by necessity a little 0:37:50.920,0:37:57.679 different after you have your date set you pick your girls then phone in your numbers by the the 0:37:57.680,0:38:04.679 cards which will be in the books under their pictures no names mm-no names just numbers 0:38:04.680,0:38:12.519 then with your selections we booked those for you so you don't get involved in any action is that a 0:38:12.520,0:38:18.959 clean operation yes sir it's a clean operation and it's foolproof what's in it for little Ming 10% of 0:38:18.960,0:38:24.359 our bill is rebated to you and you take care of like Bell boys and other people connected here 0:38:24.360,0:38:29.319 that need to be taken care of sounds like a fine deal really doesn't put much of a strain on you or 0:38:29.320,0:38:37.320 anyone else here as long as the girls are pretty and clean we cater to a fine clim town [Music] 0:39:02.459,0:39:07.478 [Music] 0:39:07.479,0:39:15.479 [Music] [Applause] [Music] 0:39:26.840,0:39:27.840 n 0:39:29.760,0:39:37.760 Mr Charles [Music] R N Elm [Music] Lane this must be the poor bro that has to put up with that slob 0:40:15.760,0:40:16.760 [Music] 0:40:16.761,0:40:24.761 get up sleepy head you got to get out of here come on and right now a better things are ahead we are 0:40:25.640,0:40:32.359 on the verge of tapping a few large clients and we need additional girls and we need them soon there 0:40:32.360,0:40:38.679 are lots of girls around who have difficulty in making ends meet but the problem is finding them 0:40:38.680,0:40:46.680 there'll be a $100 bonus for each acceptable girl you bring [Music] in so get hot get around your 0:40:47.400,0:40:53.599 neighborhoods feel out your friends even your relatives anyone you feel might qualify we'll 0:40:53.600,0:41:00.519 have the first round up on Monday Monday so soon we need the girls soon so bring any new girls here 0:41:00.520,0:41:07.319 at noon on Monday then there was one other thing I wanted to talk about that's grooming I know you're 0:41:07.320,0:41:13.759 all very well-groomed young women but we all have a tendency to get careless now I've made a package 0:41:13.760,0:41:19.399 deal with Denton's slenderizing Salon starting next Monday I suggest you all go there at least 0:41:19.400,0:41:27.400 twice a week just to keep the muscles toned up and the weight kept down and the weight kept down the 0:41:28.560,0:41:33.119 service pays for the whole thing all you have to do is go down and register they already have 0:41:33.120,0:41:41.120 your names that goes for earners hair styling too go there twice a week get facials the whole thing 0:41:42.120,0:41:49.599 it's on the service and it's tax deductible and uh one other thing starting this afternoon we'll 0:41:49.600,0:41:55.119 have an aroundthe clock receptionist on the phone she'll know where I am at any time so if any of 0:41:55.120,0:42:03.120 you have any problems or better still if you have any good news to tell me just pick up the [Music] 0:42:10.620,0:42:18.620 phone Pro Shop [Music] Please Mr Jordan oh oh I'm so glad I caught you I need to talk 0:42:32.560,0:42:39.639 to you you sound upset what's the matter a little depressed I suppose but that's all 0:42:39.640,0:42:44.039 maybe maybe it's because I haven't seen you in 2 weeks now they've been keeping 0:42:44.040,0:42:51.399 me as busy as a nud is in a hail storm you could have called you is still giving that 0:42:51.400,0:42:57.120 Rand woman lessons oh she gave up I guess you didn't think I could teach her anything 0:42:59.200,0:43:06.919 oh he did he didn't belt you did [Music] he see me tonight 0:43:06.920,0:43:14.920 uh uh afraid not I I've just remembered I have a meeting tonight how about tomorrow 0:43:15.040,0:43:23.040 night good we'll make it then of course I've missed [Music] you yes and I love you too 0:43:37.000,0:43:38.000 [Music] 0:43:38.001,0:43:44.839 do you really want me to see her she's really hung up on you isn't she let's make the most 0:43:44.840,0:43:52.840 of it and what does that mean she's pretty she has a good figure Al I want her to be one of 0:43:54.640,0:44:01.639 our girls you're a nuts she'd never she wouldn't dare her husband threatened to pack it in if he 0:44:01.640,0:44:08.199 even got an inkling of it she'd never I'm going to leave that up to you and your irresistible 0:44:08.200,0:44:16.200 charms but she'd fit him perfectly well all I can do is try why don't you persuade her 0:44:17.880,0:44:22.719 to beat him to the punch and leave him baby I have candies and the kitties to think about so 0:44:22.720,0:44:27.439 think about them I'm not suggesting you leave them I'm suggesting you bring home more bread 0:44:27.440,0:44:32.919 for them what I've seen in the past few weeks a girl like Nancy Preston could bring in a lot of 0:44:32.920,0:44:40.920 loot for an enterprising and persuasive young man you're going too fast for me wait a minute 0:44:41.800,0:44:47.359 just how does an enterprising and persuasive young man bring this all about by convincing the young 0:44:47.360,0:44:55.360 woman in question that the enterprising young man would have to give her up unless unless he had an 0:44:55.520,0:45:01.839 added income with which she she must help him you could set her up in one of the hotels we do 0:45:01.840,0:45:08.999 business with and then you could contract her out to me I could get some big fees for her and what 0:45:09.000,0:45:17.000 kind of a story would I have to make up I'm going to leave that up to you all I know is I want her 0:45:30.520,0:45:32.399 [Music] my something isn't 0:45:32.400,0:45:40.400 pleased guess I'm no fun tonight you're not 0:45:40.800,0:45:48.800 [Music] yourself darling what is it what's the matter Nancy I didn't know how to tell you this 0:45:56.120,0:46:02.839 but I'm afraid we're going going to have to stop seeing each other stop seeing each other why 0:46:02.840,0:46:10.840 candy she knows about you and me he's had private detectives on [Music] us you mean they could be 0:46:10.920,0:46:18.239 here now probably should we be here it doesn't make any difference candy knows I'm talking to 0:46:18.240,0:46:25.519 you you mean she knows you're telling me we're finished she gave me an alternative she'll agree 0:46:25.520,0:46:31.639 to let me still see you but I must carry on at home as if nothing were wrong for the sake of the 0:46:31.640,0:46:39.640 kids and she wants $250 a week clear for support and that's $70 a week more than I earn after taxes 0:46:41.840,0:46:49.840 and that includes what I make extra for teaching now there's one way I could do it but it' take 0:46:50.000,0:46:57.039 you to pull it off take me how could I help well through the country club I know a lot of 0:46:57.040,0:47:05.040 with money we're looking for a pretty girl one who would be nice to [Music] them how 0:47:07.720,0:47:12.399 you mean you could allow me to be with other men they wouldn't be taking you away from me 0:47:12.400,0:47:18.039 I'd still be able to see you the other way I wouldn't be able to see you at all except 0:47:18.040,0:47:26.040 from a distance and I'm not satisfied with seeing you from a distance [Music] 0:47:28.400,0:47:29.200 well what are you going to 0:47:29.201,0:47:37.201 [Music] do I'm going home I'm going to ask L to forgive me if he can [Music] [Applause] 0:47:59.777,0:48:00.919 [Music] 0:48:00.920,0:48:08.559 358 4172 Joan a it's no dice she wouldn't have a thing to do with 0:48:08.560,0:48:13.679 it she's on her way home now to her husband to beg his forgiveness you 0:48:13.680,0:48:17.999 just stay there and leave everything to little old me I was ready for any 0:48:18.000,0:48:26.000 emergency okay I'll wait here I don't know what for but I'll wait all right [Music] 0:48:49.560,0:48:57.560 hello Mr Preston never mind who this is suffice to say I'm the wife of the man that your wife has 0:48:58.840,0:49:05.552 just left and with whom she's been carrying on for over 6 months I just thought you'd like to [Music] 0:49:05.553,0:49:05.560 [Music] 0:49:05.561,0:49:13.561 know I wouldn't stay with you if you were the last broad on Earth I'm going to get out 0:49:26.800,0:49:30.399 here I'm just going to Peck my things and disappear then we'll see how well 0:49:30.400,0:49:37.839 you make out when you have to support yourself oh you dirty little [Music] 0:49:37.840,0:49:45.840 TR somebody always gets hurt the G who gets into this business with 0:49:47.160,0:49:51.199 a John but we're still his family I guess you're 0:49:51.200,0:49:59.200 right do you know how much money that these prostitution operations take out of this County 0:49:59.800,0:50:07.800 alone millions millions of dollars millions of dollars how's that for openers [Music] 0:50:46.520,0:50:51.479 I'm glad you're going to be one of our girls we require that our girls have pictures made for 0:50:51.480,0:50:59.239 the catalog naturally we pay for this we also pay for slenderizing courses hair styling and 0:50:59.240,0:51:04.759 general beauty treatments this paper carries your instructions on these things as soon you 0:51:04.760,0:51:11.199 follow them soon you'll begin making money for yourself and for us thank you for coming 0:51:11.200,0:51:19.200 to [Music] CSA my cousin vnice Wales is here you know I told you about her good send her in 0:51:29.600,0:51:33.799 you two know about each other I've got to go watch the phone so I'll leave you both 0:51:33.800,0:51:41.800 alone sit 0:51:43.040,0:51:51.040 down so I understand you want to be one of our girls Mrs Rand I want to be more than just one 0:51:51.600,0:51:59.159 of your girls oh yes because from what my cousin tells tells me about your operation you're going 0:51:59.160,0:52:05.599 to be really big and you're going to need someone to look out for your interests someone who knows 0:52:05.600,0:52:12.359 how to look out for your interests like how like keeping the girls in line seeing that they live 0:52:12.360,0:52:20.360 up to their agreements something like a supervisor or perhaps a strong right arm yes sometimes like 0:52:22.680,0:52:30.680 a strong right arm what this cost me I'll work as one of your regular girls for regular prices just 0:52:30.960,0:52:37.719 give me some responsibility and authority and when the time comes you set the price fair enough youve 0:52:37.720,0:52:43.199 got yourself a deal those are your instructions right I know all about them I'll be calling you 0:52:43.200,0:52:51.200 [Music] shortly how did you like her fine 0:52:56.440,0:53:03.258 [Music] 0:53:03.259,0:53:11.259 [Applause] 0:53:13.000,0:53:20.799 I want to that is if you want me to honey it isn't that I want you 0:53:20.800,0:53:26.639 to look darling it's only a party all you have to do is lat on to nor 0:53:26.640,0:53:34.640 and dein just [Applause] go I'll be all right as long as I know you love 0:53:36.360,0:53:44.360 me don't want to spoil your lipstick by the way did you go to the photographer yes this morning I 0:53:48.040,0:53:55.639 knew I had something to ask you did you know that he had me pose in my undies brief undies of that 0:53:55.640,0:54:01.828 well if you did he followed my instructions to the very letter I think I'm bless [Applause] [Music] 0:54:01.829,0:54:09.829 [Applause] you oh gosh you better go now by now I'm sure Norman's looking for you [Applause] 0:54:35.442,0:54:41.799 [Music] 0:54:41.800,0:54:49.800 you know I just can't visualize my being with another man 0:54:56.320,0:55:04.320 [Music] [Applause] [Music] 0:55:18.440,0:55:26.439 la 0:55:26.440,0:55:34.440 Oh 0:56:00.000,0:56:01.000 [Music] 0:56:01.001,0:56:08.799 any word on our suspected call ring yet oh they're still operating no word yet huh there 0:56:08.800,0:56:14.479 will be word at least in the long run there always is uh you know somebody gets a little 0:56:14.480,0:56:21.239 fed up somebody has one drink too many did you get our little friend launched how do you think 0:56:21.240,0:56:27.239 she'll be she'll be all right but I don't think she'll really loosen up she's not that kind of 0:56:27.240,0:56:35.240 [Music] 0:56:41.540,0:56:49.540 gal ready for for work it's late but what did you have in mind I've been casing quite a few bars and 0:57:02.880,0:57:10.599 I'm sure we can walk right in and sell our service with no problem you have been busy we can close 0:57:10.600,0:57:18.600 the deals tonight if you like don't see why not at this time of night the dollar doesn't evaluate 0:57:46.400,0:57:47.400 [Music] 0:57:47.401,0:57:50.839 Mr R are you all right I'm 0:57:50.840,0:57:58.840 drunk oh you have all the right in the world to be [Music] let me help [Music] 0:58:06.680,0:58:14.680 you I'm sorry being drunk is no excuse [Music] 0:58:31.384,0:58:37.399 [Music] 0:58:37.400,0:58:45.400 disgusting drunks are [Music] disgusting this is the lady to talk to I hear you'd like to 0:58:54.120,0:59:01.759 subscribe to our stenograph service yeah having broads operating on a premises it's too much 0:59:01.760,0:59:09.039 trouble why didn't you just chase her afraid to if that's part of our service keeping you out of 0:59:09.040,0:59:17.040 trouble let me handle her you know the deal yes Venice gave me the scoop good here's our 0:59:17.640,0:59:25.640 book and our card M got some real Lookers is and none of the problems 0:59:27.760,0:59:35.760 that go with gals who do point of sale [Music] merchandising well I'd say we'd 0:59:36.840,0:59:40.399 have a drink but we have another couple of places to go tonight thanks for coming 0:59:40.400,0:59:48.400 in yeah the BR in that drunks wallet Mrs Charles [Music] R yeah Mrs Charles R 1:00:01.480,1:00:02.400 everybody have another [Music] [Applause] 1:00:02.401,1:00:10.401 drink mother mother [Music] 1:00:44.680,1:00:48.799 yeah what some girls won't go through in the name of beauty maybe you're 1:00:48.800,1:00:55.920 doing this in the name of beauty but I'm doing in the name of money 1:00:59.000,1:01:04.119 I hope nothing happens to goof up this gravy train for the first time this year Lee and I 1:01:04.120,1:01:09.719 caught up without our bank notes yeah and I've managed to squeak out a second car on my on my 1:01:09.720,1:01:17.720 face and Steve and I we've never gotten along better Joan gr sure knows how to do it up Brown 1:01:18.040,1:01:23.999 these pictures sure are glamorous we look like Hollywood actresses I understand the next thing 1:01:24.000,1:01:29.519 we do is a fashion show fashion show we're all going to model it's supposed to be a big 1:01:29.520,1:01:37.520 thing you know for heartley Mills no wonder we've been pushing so hard Joan Ry wants to make a big 1:01:37.880,1:01:45.880 splash and here we have Helen in the new heartly design the Hampton 1:01:47.240,1:01:55.240 slim halter and low hip the Hampton is ideal for sunbathing and for swimming 1:01:59.880,1:02:05.479 that's the last of the standard heartly designs but don't anybody move because we have next an 1:02:05.480,1:02:13.480 attraction direct from the Sands not of the beach but of the desert I now present Lita [Music] 1:02:40.440,1:02:48.440 [Music] 1:02:55.040,1:03:03.040 la a 1:03:25.760,1:03:29.490 [Music] 1:03:29.491,1:03:33.221 [Music] 1:03:33.222,1:03:41.222 [Music] [Applause] 1:03:42.817,1:03:48.679 [Applause] 1:03:48.680,1:03:55.720 and now for our extra special attraction we have Nancy introducing the heartly sunl 1:03:56.480,1:04:04.480 designed for inviting the bronzing rays of old [Music] soul it features 1:04:07.520,1:04:12.359 freedom of movement and Ultra imaginative [Music] 1:04:12.360,1:04:18.919 design all right kids everybody stay out of the pool we're going to play a 1:04:18.920,1:04:26.920 game ordinarily the boys chase the girls in this game the girls are 1:04:27.360,1:04:32.679 going to have to exert themselves boys you all have your keys to the rooms right yeah 1:04:32.680,1:04:40.680 yeah okay girls you see these Keys you're going to have to fetch as soon as you pick 1:04:43.160,1:04:47.919 one off the bottom of the pool go to the room designated on the tag a friend will 1:04:47.920,1:04:53.599 join you there shortly I'm positive bonuses will go to the first four girls who get 1:04:53.600,1:05:01.600 to their rooms with the keys Mr Clifton Harley will be the judge now wait for my 1:05:03.320,1:05:11.119 go 1:05:11.120,1:05:19.120 [Music] go you're unbelievable [Music] 1:05:42.400,1:05:50.159 Mr clion hary let go s [Music] 1:05:50.160,1:05:55.640 it's an intimate party that's all it really is 1:05:57.000,1:06:05.000 beyond that I don't know how to explain more try calling a spade a spade well my husband and I are 1:06:07.120,1:06:15.120 entertaining a girlfriend and her husband we're uh all very close the four of you yes the four of 1:06:18.800,1:06:26.800 us we need another couple attractive uninhibited they must be very good at 1:06:27.800,1:06:35.800 pleasing and uh following instructions when will that be a week from Wednesday send me your best 1:06:39.160,1:06:46.839 boy and girl with this party I really want to make some noise so is that one the face of an 1:06:46.840,1:06:54.840 Angel how many guys are coming to this party Jerry me Dominic and fatel four got to pick two 1:06:57.840,1:07:05.039 more I think 1:07:05.040,1:07:11.119 [Music] 1:07:11.120,1:07:17.199 04605 1:07:17.200,1:07:23.479 great no wonder I haven't been getting any action you've been giving all my customers 1:07:23.480,1:07:30.519 to these and you I'm surprised at you we've always been so close they're just 1:07:30.520,1:07:36.679 girls for a party a stag and you know I run all the Stags you don't understand 1:07:36.680,1:07:44.680 Sandy I understand [Music] plenty now listen I turn all these tricks 1:07:49.480,1:07:55.825 nobody else and you hear that I do all right let's sit down and talk [Music] 1:07:55.826,1:07:55.840 [Music] [Music] 1:07:55.841,1:08:03.841 about hello brand this is 233 07728 1:08:26.480,1:08:34.480 I'd like to speak to Bernice Wales this is one of her accounts man this is very important I don't 1:08:37.280,1:08:43.639 know what you're so upset about I just don't understand why you're going out with this guy 1:08:43.640,1:08:51.640 tonight Norman I dig him you're going out with him for free like I said I dig him 1:08:57.600,1:09:01.559 what about me I dig you 1:09:01.560,1:09:06.199 too don't you love 1:09:06.200,1:09:14.119 me I'm not sure I know what love is anymore I've been with five men 1:09:14.120,1:09:17.999 in the past 10 days well I hope you're not blaming 1:09:18.000,1:09:26.000 me I don't blame you I'm grateful to you you made me realize how foolish I was how much I 1:09:30.680,1:09:38.680 was missing don't smear my lipstick Norman will be here any [Music] second oh I almost forgot [Music] 1:10:00.720,1:10:04.319 here is your check your last 1:10:04.320,1:10:12.320 check I'm going to wait out friend for Norman you have the key lock up when you leave 1:10:27.760,1:10:28.760 [Music] 1:10:28.761,1:10:36.761 now that's just a sample like I said stay out of the local or I'll kill you [Music] 1:11:00.581,1:11:08.581 [Music] [Applause] 1:11:15.080,1:11:23.080 hello [Music] please I want to report a prostitution operation 1:11:25.960,1:11:33.960 a prostitution operation oh never mind who this is It's run by Mrs 1:11:34.920,1:11:41.719 Charles Rand have you got that Mrs Charles Rand she's from Bond 1:11:41.720,1:11:49.720 Haven Ran's telegraphic yes what is your code number please 141 0798 1:11:59.920,1:12:06.298 yes you want numbers 10336 and 66 1:12:06.299,1:12:06.309 [Applause] 1:12:06.310,1:12:14.310 [Applause] 5503 I'm sorry 665 503 is not available do you have a second choice consult your catalog 1:12:27.360,1:12:31.039 please 1 1:12:31.040,1:12:39.040 [Applause] n8720 1 19872 is available that's 1628 Spruce dry Bon fine you'll have two girls there 1:12:51.360,1:12:59.360 sharp at 8:30 thank you this place is jumping the phones haven't stopped ringing I'll call Mrs ran 1:13:01.160,1:13:09.160 now Mrs Rand I thought you'd like to know a detective was here this afternoon well 1:13:21.080,1:13:26.239 he snooped around and asked a lot of questions yes I think he was 1:13:26.240,1:13:34.240 satisfied problems only that another tip L up a blind alley those Anonymous leads usually end 1:13:40.080,1:13:46.679 that way I this one shouldn't this is a legitimate stenographic service they keep books they make tax 1:13:46.680,1:13:53.519 returns they have legitimate accountants they have a mile list of legitimate businesses with good 1:13:53.520,1:14:00.399 reputations [Music] but there is some illegal operation going on in this County I can smell 1:14:00.400,1:14:08.400 [Music] it so it should be right under my nose so she gave you the air yep I don't quite understand 1:14:09.360,1:14:16.079 it I've got an idea she's taking up with this Norman Devin but he's a client potentially he's 1:14:16.080,1:14:22.119 one of our best clients I'm going to have to put a stop to that just remember she's not really one 1:14:22.120,1:14:27.839 of your girls and don't forget I subcontracted her to you yeah but she's too much of an asset 1:14:27.840,1:14:33.159 for me to lose she can dance well and she's full of life and we've got more bookings for her than 1:14:33.160,1:14:38.319 for any other single girl and I can't let her upset my long range plans for the Devin Company 1:14:38.320,1:14:43.679 by giving away to Norman Devin what I should be selling to him I'm just going to have to have a 1:14:43.680,1:14:51.680 little talk with her well I'm not your girl in fact I'm so much better than any girl you've got 1:14:55.200,1:15:01.679 that I'll admit and anyway since I got rid of that leech 1:15:01.680,1:15:09.680 owl I'm on my own now and Norman digs me and he keeps me healthy happy and in pin money 1:15:14.680,1:15:22.680 yes Norman is a very good client of mine I can't permit you to upset the apple card 1:15:26.920,1:15:34.159 permit me what could you do about it I'm sure Venice could think of 1:15:34.160,1:15:42.160 something all right what kind of a deal do you have to offer you have me over a barrel 1:15:48.280,1:15:56.280 that I'll admit I'll pay you $150 a call and I have you lined up for 12 calls in the next 3 1:15:57.400,1:16:05.400 weeks sounds good then it's a deal it's a deal you won't be 1:16:08.240,1:16:16.240 sorry that those to nobody's going to bully 1:16:27.560,1:16:35.560 [Music] me Norman I'm glad I cut you listen I'm going to have to stop seeing you for a 1:16:56.280,1:17:04.280 while it's only for about 3 weeks and and then I'll come to you all gift rabbed in ribbons but 1:17:09.520,1:17:15.359 you are different from all the girls I noticed the first time I saw you well the men know about 1:17:15.360,1:17:23.360 it you're the most popular girl here well the men can't all be wrong and I I want to thank you for 1:17:23.720,1:17:31.720 for coming to see me every day oh I enjoy visiting you you appreciate me it feeds my ego and I like 1:17:33.600,1:17:40.919 you you know in about 3 weeks I'm going to take a week off and go to 1:17:40.920,1:17:48.920 the mountains I like companionship when I go do you think you could get off I'd 1:17:49.800,1:17:54.840 love to go to the mountains with you or we could have a marvelous time together 1:17:56.920,1:18:01.559 but the place would fall apart if you left it for a week wouldn't it I mean 1:18:01.560,1:18:04.679 you know more about the way these numbers and books tyeing and even 1:18:04.680,1:18:12.680 Mrs Rand don't you well I think so well I mean take this book for instance it's 1:18:15.200,1:18:23.200 real complicated it's it's full of all the the clients code numbers is it fact 1:18:25.880,1:18:33.880 everything's packed I'm ready to go the question is are you I hate 1:18:34.920,1:18:42.920 leaving Eric well don't leave him take him with us yours I can love him Lorna 1:18:44.280,1:18:49.239 she'd have us arrested for kidnapping she wouldn't do any such thing you and 1:18:49.240,1:18:56.759 I know what she is and she can't afford any bad publicity look just write her a 1:18:56.760,1:19:04.760 [Music] note you get the message Mrs Rand is running a big prostitution ring and I mean 1:19:18.560,1:19:26.560 big no never mind who this is Ken working at the store now it's another one of these 1:19:26.720,1:19:34.720 never mind who this is calls but it's on Mrs Charles Rand again no I won't be your witness 1:19:35.480,1:19:43.239 but tonight is the biggest night for the ring as yet they've got four parties going got a 1:19:43.240,1:19:51.240 pencil then take down these addresses Jero disturbance got it 207 Westberry Hall got 1:19:55.120,1:20:03.120 it got it wait hold on a minute wait hold 1:20:03.720,1:20:11.720 [Music] it well at least we got four parties of Crash tonight are you kidding why they slap us 1:20:21.200,1:20:27.079 so fast with illegal search and seizure make our heads swim besides now you've 1:20:27.080,1:20:33.112 got no reputable sours for swearing out a warrant 649 she just disappeared [Music] 1:20:33.113,1:20:33.120 [Music] 1:20:33.121,1:20:41.121 remember I guarantee you'll all be be surprised tonight all you get together is going to be quite 1:20:59.440,1:21:07.440 different don't tell me the big surpris is that we're going to 1:21:08.920,1:21:16.920 spend the entire evening making love to our own [Music] husbands that must be the 1:21:17.640,1:21:25.640 surprise right on schedule [Music] 1:21:34.004,1:21:42.004 [Music] 1:21:43.447,1:21:51.447 [Music] 1:21:54.240,1:21:59.079 what are that they doing here they're here to help us have a fun party we all 1:21:59.080,1:22:05.119 have a turn of being it but uh since you're the feminine guest you're it 1:22:05.120,1:22:13.120 first it's sort of like Blind Man's [Music] Bluff only a more 1:22:15.200,1:22:23.200 adult version all you have to do is guess whose arms you're in pleas 1:22:27.960,1:22:28.960 [Music] 1:22:28.961,1:22:36.799 headquarters to car rate arrest for assault and robbery one white male she's going out the 1:22:36.800,1:22:44.800 door baby let's here sure as hell that nut's going to run into the [Music] police with a 1:22:50.720,1:22:58.720 black type right let's go we got a break grab those addresses we got that witness 1:23:02.880,1:23:07.239 patrol car that picked her up said she was raving and half naked but she'll do 1:23:07.240,1:23:13.919 did she mention Mrs Ren nope then how do you know it's the same case because 1:23:13.920,1:23:21.920 the address of the party she came from it's the same as one of the four we got today 181 1:23:25.600,1:23:33.600 oh [Music] [Applause] 1:24:02.067,1:24:05.033 [Music] 1:24:05.034,1:24:07.999 [Music] 1:24:08.000,1:24:16.000 you 1:24:32.280,1:24:33.280 [Music] 1:24:33.281,1:24:41.281 I'm sorry sir we're closed the even Floyd AC this contracted for the whole [Music] 1:24:43.480,1:24:51.480 place I I really had no idea [Music] 1:24:56.080,1:25:04.080 oh 1:25:51.480,1:25:52.480 [Music] 1:25:52.481,1:25:55.240 oh [Music] 1:26:09.960,1:26:17.960 come on [Music] and is Joan Rand yes yes I'm Mrs John Rand we have a warrant for your [Music] 1:26:32.900,1:26:40.900 arrest [Music] 1:26:42.460,1:26:50.460 you their is enti they take you in you go for a sin you wake up up your money's all 1:26:55.640,1:27:03.640 gone her body is warm her heart is cold she's just looking for gold I got now 1:27:09.760,1:27:17.760 I'm was it worth it to break up my Moonlighting Li to tell you goodbye they fill your heart 1:27:24.440,1:27:32.440 with the don't let them go husbands be wise they might be [Music] 1:27:34.440,1:27:42.440 M lighting53259

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