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Would you like to inspect the original subtitles? These are the user uploaded subtitles that are being translated: 1 00:00:11,928 --> 00:00:13,971 The Five Points during the era of Copper... 2 00:00:14,138 --> 00:00:19,227 ...was the preeminent immigrant, working class neighborhood of New York City. 3 00:00:19,644 --> 00:00:22,813 There was an awful lot of Irish immigrants to New York. 4 00:00:22,980 --> 00:00:25,858 They had their way paid by their landlord... 5 00:00:26,025 --> 00:00:30,446 ...who would rather pay them to go to America than to support the poor houses... 6 00:00:30,613 --> 00:00:33,616 ...and the work houses back in Ireland. So a lot of these people who came... 7 00:00:33,783 --> 00:00:37,036 ...desperately poor, nothing more than the rags on their backs... 8 00:00:37,203 --> 00:00:40,456 ...they are trying to do whatever they can to make it. 9 00:00:40,665 --> 00:00:44,043 And it was very important for us to show that the city... 10 00:00:44,210 --> 00:00:47,755 ...wasn't just the Irish in Five Points. 11 00:00:47,922 --> 00:00:52,927 That there were Chinese, and Germans, and Italians. 12 00:00:53,094 --> 00:00:57,265 It was then, as it is now, a real melting pot. 13 00:00:57,431 --> 00:00:59,767 As the Five Points became even more crowded... 14 00:00:59,934 --> 00:01:03,020 began to show all the symptoms of what we think of as slum. 15 00:01:03,187 --> 00:01:08,317 The standard of living was terrible and the level of crime escalates. 16 00:01:08,484 --> 00:01:11,696 But you still see a people who are trying to coexist and get along. 17 00:01:11,862 --> 00:01:15,157 Trying to make the best of a bad situation basically. 18 00:01:15,324 --> 00:01:17,785 Even the poorest Five Pointers, people who might have worked... 19 00:01:17,952 --> 00:01:20,913 laundresses for example, or as day laborers... 20 00:01:21,080 --> 00:01:24,250 ...managed to open bank accounts, managed to save some money... 21 00:01:24,417 --> 00:01:28,379 ...managed to die with some bread in the bank. 22 00:01:28,546 --> 00:01:32,049 People made a life in that neighborhood. 23 00:01:32,216 --> 00:01:37,138 But they also left that neighborhood, and used it as a stepping stone... 24 00:01:37,346 --> 00:01:41,934 go to other places in New York and America. 25 00:01:42,101 --> 00:01:45,605 The family and community bonds in that neighborhood... 26 00:01:45,771 --> 00:01:50,192 ...which would help people survive, are the family and community bonds... 27 00:01:50,359 --> 00:01:52,570 ...In a sense, that built America. 2601

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